[Indonesia] Bakrie Group Scholarship

beasiswa bakrieIn the effort having a share supports governmental program in area education, Group Of Business Bakrie ( KUB) has started the contribution to education world long time back, although in character no systematic. Some form of contributions to the education is giving of scholarship to graduate children SMA winner the First Step to Nobel Prize to certain university, through units KUB which is direct to public around, or child of from employee KUB. Support which more real for education world in Indonesia realized by KUB by building Bakrie School of Management (BSM), by giving opportunity to best students of Indonesia to join in Bakrie School of Management majors Management and Accountancy through full scholarship program.

Form Of Scholarship:

1. charge free study during period 2007/2008 – 2010/2011 ( 4 year)

2. charge free TOEFL PREPARATION so reaching test value 600 during 4 semester


1. Indonesia Citizen.

2. Pass education of SMA/Aliyah or other vocational school that on an equal with year pass 2006/2007.

3. Value (rapot) semester 1 class 3 for English 8, and Matematika 8.

4. Has British linguistic competence with value TOEFL prediction 530 or more

5. Pays [for] expense of admission test Rp. 200,000.-

Form Of Cordage:

1. Readied works in area KUB if it is desired

2. Readies does part-time job in area akademik Bakrie School of Management


1. Fills available registration form in each school ( Teacher BP) or in campus BSM.

2. Encloses letter of recommendation from headmaster about level of special attainment of student causing can be allowed for gets scholarship.

3. Encloses copy of raport from finite 1 clast of semester 1 clast 3.

4. Encloses copy of KTP or other x’self identity.

5. Encloses Copy Of Birth Certificate and Family Card.

6. Encloses Pasphoto measure 3 x 4 cm ( 3 ), having colour blue background.

Proffering Procedures

All clauses is upper packed into one fairish envelopes of A4

tan which in addressing to proffering address, by writing down

“ BEASISWA” at upper left wrapper.

Form Proffering Time

Proffering equifinality of grantee candidate is:

Waving I

15 Marchs 2007 ( postmark)

Waving 2

15 Junes 2007 ( postmark)

Proffering address

Proffering address of receiver candidate beasiwa is addressed to:

To Yth,


Gelanggang Mahasiswa Soemantri Brojonegoro
Suite UG No. 02 – 03
Jl. H.R. Rasuna Said Kav. C-22, Kuningan
Jakarta Selatan 12920
E-mail: info@bbs.alumni. or.id <mailto:info@bbs.alumni. or.id>
Tel. 021-526 1448, 526 3182/3
Fax: 021 527 6543