Postgraduate Research Scholarships CIMS

Centre for Intelligent Mechatronic Systems (CIMS)

Building on 15 years of strong cross-disciplinary research in electrical machines and power electronics at UTS, the Centre for Intelligent Mechatronic Systems (CIMS) integrates the disciplines of mechanical, electrical and electronics engineering and computer systems.

Its four main research directions are: autonomous robots (operating in unstructured environments and for infrastructure maintenance, search and rescue, health care and road vehicles); electrical machines (new materials and topologies, system optimisation, variable speed control and compact, low temperature fuel cells); automotive systems (performance, comfort, fuel efficiency, road safety and emission control); and Human Factors (physiological and psychological aspects of human-machine and human-environment interaction).


Mathematical model for chatter prediction in multi-stand cold flat rolling mills The Australian steel manufacturing industry is an international leader in advancing technologies and improving quality and productivity. Annual steel exports generate about two billion dollars in national income and are still growing.

The market for rolled strip products is intensely competitive, and continued success is critically dependent on productivity and quality. This project aims to develop comprehensive dynamic models for stability and transient analysis of self-excited chatter of multi-stand flat cold rolling mills under a wide range of operating conditions. It will assist Australian steel manufacturers in understanding and controlling chatter of rolling mills, and improving quality and preventing production from breakdowns.

The Australian Postgraduate Awards Industry (APAI) are available to outstanding candidates seeking to commence full-time study towards a doctoral or masters honours degree. Each scholarship has duration of three years and provides a stipend of approximately $25,000 (tax-free) per year but this amount can be supplemented. Travel funding to attend international conferences is also available. Applicants must hold a first class honours undergraduate degree, or equivalent, and be an Australian citizen/resident. Awards are generally for full-time study only.

To apply for these scholarships, send your CV, a cover letter detailing your research interests and a completed Application Form by 29 August 2008 (for round 3) to:

Ms Gunasmin Lye
Research Office
PO Box 123
Broadway NSW 2007

Ph: 9514 2663

For further information contact:

Professor Hung Nguyen at or 02 9514 2663 / 02 9514 2451