International Cancer Technology Transfer Fellowships (ICRETT)

The fellowships are funded by a group of cancer institutes, leagues, societies, associations, foundations, and governmental agencies in North America, Europe, and Australia.

The aims of the awards are threefold: to facilitate rapid international transfer of cancer research and clinical technology; to allow exchange knowledge and enhance skills in basic, clinical, behavioural, and epidemiological areas of cancer research; and in cancer control and prevention to allow acquisition of up-to-date clinical management, diagnostic, and therapeutic expertise.

Topics for research training are the following:

  • Cancer control and prevention (including tobacco control)
  • Basic, applied and clinical cancer research
  • Epidemiology, cancer registration, public education and behavioural sciences

Topics for clinical training are the following:

  • Surgery, radio- and chemotherapy, medical oncology, multidisciplinary cancer care
  • Clinical trials
  • Detection and diagnosis

The fellowships permit successful candidates to spend time at a suitable host institute abroad. They are particularly aimed at investigators and clinicians working in places where such teaching is not yet available and where the necessary facilities exist to apply and disseminate the new skills upon return.

Fellowships are open to appropriately qualified investigators, pathologists, epidemiologists, cancer registrars, behavioural scientists, tobacco control activists, laboratory technicians, clinicians, and general practicioners, generally in the early stages of their careers; and clinicians who are established in oncology practice.

Who may apply?
Cancer researchers, Clinicians, Public health professionals, other possibilities

How to apply
Fill in the application form of the fellowship you are interested in and return it accordingly.

Experts from any country, who have been invited to teach these specialised skills at institutes abroad, are also eligible to apply (reverse flow ICRETTs).

Candidates who are already physically present at the proposed host institute whilst their applications are under consideration are not eligible for a UICC fellowship.

About 120–150 awards are available per year with an average award value for one-month stipend and travel of US$3,400. The maximum length is three months. Successful candidates usually receive UICC stipend support for up to one month only, while home or host institutes are expected to cover living costs for any additional periods. UICC also contributes to the least expensive international two-way (return) air fare or other appropriate form of transport.

Travel awards do not include costs for internal travel within the home or host countries. These and extra costs for visa, passports, airport taxes, etc. are the responsibility of the fellow. No financial support is provided for dependents.

Further Scholarship Information and Application

Application closing date None. Applications are accepted at any time

For additional information on UICC Fellowships, contact UICC

By mail

Ms Beate Vought (fellows[at]uicc[dot]org)
Fellowships coordinator
International Union Against Cancer (UICC)
62 route de Frontenex
1207 Geneva

By telephone or fax

Telephone: +41 22 809 1843
Fax +41 22 809 1810