King Fahd University (KFUPM) Master and PhD Scholarships 2011, Saudi Arabia

Saudi Arabia – King Fahd University of Petroleum and Minerals (KFUPM)
Scholarship program for pursuing Masters and PhD studies in the field of engineering, business administration, and science at King Fahd University of Petroleum and Minerals (KFUPM) Saudi Arabia.

Graduate students are subject to the general regulations of the University which apply to all students and, in addition, to various rules which have been adopted specifically for graduate students on the recommendation of the Graduate Council and approved by the Vice Rector for Graduate Studies and Scientific Research.

An applicant for admission to the Graduate Studies must supply or arrange for the University to receive certain formal documents attesting to his good health and character, and certifying that he has graduated from an approved secondary school system with the equivalent of twelve (12) or more years of combined elementary and secondary school studies in an approved program, that he has graduated from an approved four-year university system with a bachelor-s degree in a subject area which is pertinent to the graduate course offerings at King Fahd University of Petroleum and Minerals, and that he has an adequate command of English, the language of instruction at KFUPM.

For admission to the Ph.D. Program, the applicant must hold an M.S. degree equivalent in quality and involving the same length of study as those granted at KFUPM. The specific documents required are cited in “Admission Procedures” (see page 36) and on the application forms. Inquiries should be directed to the Dean of Graduate Studies.

Students are admitted to the academic program and the area of specialization which are identified in their application. If this program differs from their previous program of study, they will be required to make up deficiencies after admission. A request for a change of academic program is required for any continuation beyond the original program requested, or for a change to a new program before an existing program is completed. A request for a change in program will be considered as if it were an entirely new application, subject to procedures and standards current at that time.

Formal application for admission to the College must be submitted not less than six weeks in advance of the Registration date for the semester or term in which admission is sought. Registration dates are listed in the University’s Academic Calendar.

Scholarship Application Deadline: 6 April 2011

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