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Yale University was founded in 1701 as the Collegiate School in the home of Abraham Pierson, its first rector, in Killingworth, Connecticut. In 1716 the school moved to New Haven and, with the generous gift by Elihu Yale of nine bales of goods, 417 books, and a portrait and arms of King George I, was renamed Yale College in 1718.


A student who wishes to apply for on-campus housing should so advise the residential college dean early in the application process. Freshmen and sophomores are required to live on campus and provisions will be made for them.

Entry Requirements

Find information about academic requirement on: http://www.yale.edu/yalecollege/students/advising/requirements/index.html


Chemical Engineering
Electronic/Electrical Engineering
General Engineering/Other Engineering
Applied Physics
Biomedical Engineering
Environmental Engineering
Mechanical Engineering

Yale University Scholarships

Barry M Goldwater Scholarships . 0 available @ USD 7,500

The scholarship is awarded based on merit, and the actual amount given is based on financial need. The purpose of the Barry M. Goldwater Scholarship and Excellence in Education Foundation, as stated in the enabling legislation, is to alleviate a critical current and future shortage of highly qualified scientists, mathematicians, and engineers. A more realistic statement of the purpose, in today’s terms, is to provide a continuing source of highly qualified individuals to those fields of academic study and research. Read more at http://www.act.org/goldwater/yybull.html

How to Apply for a Barry M. Goldwater Scholarship

Convinced you are going to go broke paying for your college education? If you’re a college sophomore or junior working toward a degree in science or mathematics, a Barry M. Goldwater Scholarship could provide you with up to $7,500 annually for tuition, fees, books, room and board, if you qualify.

Step 1

Make certain you qualify. You must be either a full-time sophomore or junior pursuing an undergraduate degree at an accredited college or university; have a GPA of at least a “B”; be in the upper 25% of your class; and be either a U.S. citizen, a resident alien or a U.S. national.

Step 2

Find out who the Goldwater Scholarship Faculty representative is on your campus and express your interest in being nominated for the scholarship. You can usually find this out from your institution’s scholarship office or by contacting the Goldwater Foundation through their Web site (act.org/goldwater) or by calling them at (703) 756-6012.

Step 3

Start on your application early. Faculty representatives typically receive nomination forms and related materials in late August and the completed application and materials must be received by the Goldwater Foundation by February 1 of the following year.

Step 4

Talk with present and former teachers, teaching assistants and even employers about letters of recommendation, which must be completed according to the Foundation’s standards and must be presented on official forms to be considered as part of your application.

Step 5

Consider your essay of approximately 600 words. The essay should relate to current and future plans regarding your studies and prospective career.

Step 6

Get together all peripheral materials that must be sent with the application. Nominees must provide official copies of all high school and college transcripts, including the most current semester, if available.

Step 7

Consult your faculty representative about students who have previously received a Goldwater Scholarship. Talk with these previous award winners about their insight into the application process and see if they have any helpful tips.

Step 8

Keep in mind that research experience, and demonstrating your interest in pursuing an advanced degree in mathematics, the natural sciences and some engineering fields, will help to make you a stronger candidate.

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