Practical Traineeships for Foreign Students of Natural and Technical Sciences, Germany

Practical Traineeships for Foreign Students of Natural and Technical Sciences, Agriculture and Forestry

Study Subject: German Natural and Technical Sciences, Agriculture and Forestry
Employer: IAESTE
Level: Training

Scholarship Description: Practical training placements for students of the above mentioned subjects are arranged by the International Association for the Exchange of Students for Technical Experience (IAESTE). Placements are, however, only available to countries with a National IAESTE Committee. Within the DAAD, unit 514 is the German National IAESTE Committee.

Usually, traineeships are two to three months in duration with various firms, institutions of higher education and research institutes. In individual cases, traineeships of extended duration can be arranged.

Trainees are usually paid 650,– euros per month; the DAAD, however, is not able to grant additional funds to cover travel costs.


  • Specific information on conditions of eligibility is available from the National IAESTE Committee of the member country concerned.
  • Language Proficiency: Requirements regarding language proficiency of German differ greatly. Some companies require that international interns or trainees have good German language skills, while others only require a basic knowledge of German, as long as the intern or trainee also has good English language skills. In many cases a good knowledge of English is sufficient.
  • Training placements recruited in Germany are offered exclusively by the responsible National IAESTE Committee abroad, which in turn arranges placements for German university students. Apart from those offered via this route, the IAESTE programme has no other internship places available for individual applicants.

Scholarship Application Deadline: Contact Employer

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