30 Master Scholarships at ENS France

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FranceEach year, ENS offers scholarships for master program in science and humanities. About 30 foreign students are allocated by the International Selection a monthly scholarship of approximately 1000 euros during two years.

Level: Master degree
Study at: ENS, France
Subjects: Science or Humanities
International applicants: available
Amount: 1000 euros monthly
Duration: 2 years
Deadline: 7 March 2014 (annual)


The International Selection of ENS

Each year the ENS organizes an international selection allowing about thirty of the most promising international students, either in Science or in Humanities, to follow a two or three-year course at the ENS. They receive a monthly stipend of approximately 1,000 Euros and benefit from an accommodation on the ENS campus.

About 30 foreign students are allocated by the International Selection a monthly scholarship of approximately 1000 euros during two years (in Mathematics and Computer Sciences, a year of undergraduate studies can be added before the Master, depending on the candidate’s profile).


The application requirements are the following:

  • Providing proof of a non-French nationality
  • Being younger than 26 years old on September, 1st, 2014
  • Applying only once for this program
  • Attending a University outside of France

– In their last year of undergraduate studies (to be validated before September, 1st, 2014)

– Or, in the first year of post-graduate studies (except candidates in Mathematics), provided they enrol in the first year of a Master’s Degree at the ENS on September, 1st, 2014

How to Apply

There is no specific program for this international selection. The first step of the admission process is a selection of students according to their records. Then, a committee interviews the candidates in order to assess their capacity of analysis, conceptualization, and their ability to synthesize, in the light of their scientific or literary culture, their intellectual curiosity, and the relevance of their study project.

Candidates submit the form available on the website between January ,7 and March, 7 2014;
In May, they will be informed of the results of the preselection process;
The candidates whose applications have been preselected are individually invited in Paris, where they will take the written tests and then will be interviewed (either in french or english, or even in the native language of the candidate when possible) by the examination panel immediately afterwards. The results are published in the few following days. All in all the candidates need to stay up to two weeks;
Classes start mid-September but French course starts begining of September

Application Deadline

7 March 2014

More Information


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